What Are Insulated Metal Panels and Why You Should Use Them

We all want our buildings to be more efficient. Better efficiency means lower utility bills. You’ve probably heard of — or made the transition to — LED lighting, high performance windows, or thermal HVAC systems. But you could be saving even more money by making strategic decisions in other areas too, like insulation!

insulated metal panels

While traditional insulation methods–think batt and roll or spray foam–consist of time-consuming multi-step processes, insulated metal panels (IMPs) make for a simple, quick one-and-done process. How? IMPs consist of a single composite panel with integrated foam insulation that can be used as exterior wall and roof panels.

benefits of insulated metal panels

better thermal resistance (r-value)

When it comes to insulation, the higher the R-value, the better. R-value is calculated by dividing the thickness (in inches) of the insulation by the thermal conductivity. And IMPs typically have a much higher R-value than other insulation materials, such as fiberglass. This is because they don’t rely on air gaps and thermal bridges to minimize heat transfer. 

durability & Resistance

Because of their solid, interlocking structure, IMPs are highly resistant to pests, moisture, and corrosion. Traditional insulation methods typically require additional barriers to prevent  destructors, like condensation, but IMPs have all those barriers already built in. Not only does this mean they’re durable; they also last longer than other insulation materials. 

cost & time effective

Because IMPs are pre-fabricated, they’re ready to be installed the moment they arrive onsite. No more tedious multi-stage installation that takes up time, extra material, and labor resources. IMPs can be installed quickly, easily, and by a smaller team of people, saving you time and money. Plus, they’re lightweight!


With increased energy efficiency comes reduced environmental impact. By consuming less energy to heat and cool your building, you emit less carbon. But the sustainability doesn’t have to wait until the building is up! On the job site, less materials mean less waste, and quicker installation time means less pollutants in the air. Furthermore, many IMPS are composed of recycled materials, like the Nucor Insulated Metal Panels, which are made of 35% recycled steel!

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