As a design/build commercial contractor, we can provide planning that can be used for your immediate construction needs or 5 years from now.  Preliminary Planning and Master Planning are keys to the future of any organization.  Whether you have a 2,000 square foot office or a 200,000 square foot warehouse on your site, you need to be able to see what construction elements need to be implemented to grow in the future.

We have the knowledge and experience gained from doing over 500 projects, in manufacturing, retail, and office, that help us guide you to a structured plan to move your organization into the future.  Preliminary Planning is an essential part of an organization’s business plan and ensures you get the most out of your site.  This service is offered at no additional cost to our clients.

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Site selection can be essential to being in the right place at the right time. The famous mantra of realtors, “Location, Location, Location”. As you look into the future, we can help with brainstorming and selection of your new manufacturing building, retail center, or office location. We have experienced professionals that have the pulse of where each respective industry is centralized.

As you evaluate the site and the type of soil condition, elevation changes, environmental conditions, and natural surroundings, it is imperative to understand the cost implications. For example, if you select a site that is in a low-lying area and has a high-water table, the cost to bring the site up to an elevation that is workable could raise the price of the project significantly. Nuway has the expertise to evaluate your prospective site before you commit to acquire the site.

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We have seen in the past, site selection can make or break companies. We assisted one of our customers with their site selection and helped them save over $100,000 in annual trucking cost by moving closer to their customers. This is the type of ROI that any organization would like.

The title of this section has the word “working” in it. That sums up our architectural department; working with you to achieve an outcome that makes your investment profitable. As a design/build contractor, we have an in-house architectural department to provide you with the flexibility and expertise in design that you need. As a project progresses, sometimes the project parameters may change, such as equipment layout, production flow, racking, dock locations, and office layout, to name a few.

With Nuway, we change with you. The abilities of the staff at Nuway make it possible to make a change one day and implement it the next.  That is the ultimate in flexibility through architectural working drawings.

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When it comes to building layout and design, productivity rules.  In every industry, there are standards and methods that have been used for decades.  With the implementation of Lean Manufacturing and office ergonomics, sometimes the same old same old isn’t good enough anymore.

At Nuway, we think outside the box.  We look at your operation and your goals for efficiency and design for your specific requirements.  It doesn’t matter if you are building a manufacturing plant or a medical office, the design has to match your flow.  Before the design starts, we plan with you from the beginning to the end.


We can assist with connecting you to a variety of credible financing sources who can provide numerous strategies; from conventional commercial mortgage bank financing to Industrial Revenue Bond financing.


As we move through the design process, you will receive a complete and comprehensive design/build proposal. We provide detailed proposals to clearly show what is included in your project. We also provide a list of exclusions, so the client knows what their responsibilities are. Here at Nuway, we are about the details.


There are few things that are more frustrating than trying to navigate through the red tape of government. Our team has a system in place to make this process smooth.

We have done the research and planning to know what to submit and to whom to submit to. We can assist with variances, zoning changes, annexation requests, and utility extensions. We are here to make sure you are getting all you should get from the state and local government.

Along with getting approvals for construction, we can assist you with obtaining local tax phase-in agreements. We will work with local EDC’s on your behalf.


Nuway will provide turnkey solutions for your project, all site and structural engineering, state and municipal approvals for permitting, any variances required and a completed construction project.

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Nuway Construction helps you create efficiencies and modernize your facility through the following upgrades:

  • Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Flooring
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Toilet Accessories
  • Wall finishes
  • Acoustical Ceiling
  • Energy Efficiencies
  • Façade upgrades
  • Truck Docks
  • Driveways and parking lots
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Need some additional capacity or warehousing at your facility? We can assist with evaluating and proposing multiple designs to maximize your investment. Our experience will help you look at all options.


We can provide options for you to lease your facility should you determine you’d like to utilize your capital for other operational expenses. We can work with your land, select from several of our sites, or we’ll help you locate the site which provides the best benefit for both parties.