Satellite Industries

“ Please pass on to the entire Nuway Team how happy I am with the work you did for Satellite. You were one of 4 companies that I considered for this project. The criteria was: Price, Project Management experience, Timeline confidence, Team support, Specific experience, Attention to detail, Quality sub-contractors, Creativity and Intangible. Nuway get A’s in all categories.”

“I Have never built a facility before and really needed your experience on this project. I especially appreciated the value added involvement in all the details of the project, and making sure we built a facility that is highly functional with no “gotchas”.

Tim Hilde, Satellite Industries

Dutchman Manufacturing

– Nuway has “been down this road before” when it comes to constructing a first class RV Manufacturing facility.

– The team at Nuway instills confidence at every step of the way on each project. The planning and execution is such that there just aren’t any surprises.

– Because of their experience in projects like ours, Nu-way was able to make design recommendations that reduced our need for change orders later on in the project.

– We have been fortunate to have very few issues with our Nuway built buildings, but when we have, Nuway has stood behind their work every time. We trust Nuway to both “do things right, and to do the right things.”

Rich Florea

Klein Group

After working with your organization on numerous projects ranging from 30,000 square foot retail centers to 1,200 square foot tenant build outs we continue to be extremely satisfied with your company. No matter the project size, you’ve always worked closely with us to make sure our projects were completed on time and on budget. Your knowledgeable and experienced staff provided us with value engineering and field suggestions that have saved us time and money.

As a developer of properties in 28 states, we know firsthand the challenges that exist in both property development and property management. Nuway’s ability to get the job done right the first time has eliminated the tenant call backs/discrepancy issues that can arise in this business. We’ve always felt that communication is critical and your ability to do so has ensured every aspect of each project is considered.

Our projects are constantly changing due to the addition of new tenants during all stages of the building process. Nuway’s ability to listen, understand, schedule and communicate with not only their subcontractors but also with our tenants has proven invaluable.

You’ve gone above and beyond our expectations and we’d highly recommend your company to others. It’s working with general contractors like you that make my job satisfying and enjoyable. We look forward to working with you on future projects.

Andy Neuland


Cutting Edge Tool

– The communication was clear and timely. Of all the construction projects that we have completed, this was the smoothest and least time consuming for me. I found the project manager always accessible and courteous. Any issues were quickly resolved. We are not in the construction business and do not want to become experts in this area. We felt that your company always had our best interest in mind. We had preferred subcontractors and your team worked well with them.

– We needed to maximize our building in the land that we had. You walked us through that process well.

Dave Berky


Pull Rite

– Nuway was almost the only construction company that sold the brand of manufacturer used in our original construction. Randy Huffman came recommended by that manufacturer and came across as a competent contractor.

– I was impressed by the recommendations Randy made during the decision making process regarding the size of the addition and the changes for water drainage. We had a number of issues with the existing building and Nuway willingly addressed all of them. During construction, Randy had a crew here working every day.

– Any customer that has reached a decision to build wants his project done now. Completion of that building project on schedule is of foremost importance because the customer usually delays his decision until time is critical for him. We did that!

Randy Pulliam


Geenen DeKock

We enjoyed working with Nuway on our recent project in Goshen. They were always very professional, organized, knowledgeable and honest. Their experienced management provided us with a quality project on a timely schedule which allowed us to meet our Landlord obligations. Their overall performance was excellent and we would recommend them for any construction project.


Kara Slater
Construction Project Manager


Goshen Community Bank

– I liked the design to build concept, very flexible on the design and open to suggestions, minimal interruption to business, and I liked the price.

– Nuway was able to come up with a process that allowed the second story to stand alone but blend in with the first floor so it’s not apparent to customers.

– I wasn’t aware of the lifetime warranty but obviously that means Nuway stands behind their work!

– It was very important from a budget standpoint to know the project cost would not change.

Jeff Showalter

Synergy Insurance Group

– The way that we were kept informed about the progress of the project really impressed me. Nuway gave us a date that we would be able to occupy our building and they actually finished slightly ahead of time.

– We knew little to nothing about the building process. Nuway guided us from the very beginning. They coordinated the entire process so that we could focus on building our business without worrying about all the details that go into a building project.

– We made numerous small changes and one Major change. The minor changes did not cost us anything additional and the major change cost a fraction of 1% of the project cost to make the change.

– We plan on being here for a long time and knowing that we have a lifetime workmanship warranty means a lot. It tells me that Nuway believes enough in themselves and their work to put the guarantee in writing.

– We were under a strict budget and we also had a tight timeline due to the sale of our existing building. We were able to move in about a week ahead of schedule. This was great for us, for our employees and for the new owners of our former building. I have heard a lot of construction horror stories and I can say that with Nuway we did not experience these types of problems.


Michael Reddy Jr.

Wald Land

“I like Nuway’s design build concept because it saves me from hiring an architect. We have used Nuway on several of our projects and they have the expertise that is needed for retail centers. One benefit I receive from working with Nuway is the fact that they work well with my tenants.

They cooperate with my tenants whether Nuway does the build-out or my tenant chooses another construction company. I know I can trust Nuway to be professional and I end up with a happy tenant. Nuway’s Lifetime workmanship warranty gives me peace of mind because as an out of town owner, I know they will be there to service my building for the life of the building.”


Russ Waldschmidt