The way that we were kept informed about the progress of the project really impressed me. Nuway gave us a date that we would be able to occupy our building and they actually finished slightly ahead of time. We knew little to nothing about the building process. Nuway guided us from the very beginning. They coordinated the entire process so that we could focus on building our business without worrying about all the details that go into a building project. We made numerous small changes and one Major change. The minor changes did not cost us anything additional and the major change cost a fraction of 1% of the project cost to make the change. We plan on being here for a long time and knowing that we have a lifetime workmanship warranty means a lot. It tells me that Nuway believes enough in themselves and their work to put the guarantee in writing. We were under a strict budget and we also had a tight timeline due to the sale of our existing building. We were able to move in about a week ahead of schedule. This was great for us, for our employees and for the new owners of our former building. I have heard a lot of construction horror stories and I can say that with Nuway we did not experience these types of problems.